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Select up to 5 of your favorites from this list of could-be bath bombs for my bath bomb line this fall!

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Extremely clean, fresh "soapy" scent. Profile: Clean Laundry, Fresh Air, Orange Zest Water Color: Pastel Blue Features: Two mini angel wing shapes. Added glitter.
Fruity, Floral, Herbal, Fresh. Profile: Blueberry, Thyme, Lavender Water Color: Bright Lilac Features: Eyeball Pattern
Fruity, Floral, Tropical Peach scent. Profile: Peaches, White Florals, Tropical Fruit notes. Water Color: Bright Coral Features: Added Glitter
Energizing, Fruity, Fresh. Profile: Lemon-Lime Citrus with Ginger notes. Water Color: Bright Blue Features: Epsom Salt
Fruity, Nutty, Sweet. Classic cherry almond scent with additional macaron sweetness. Profile: Red Cherries, Almond, Vanilla, Cake. Water Color: Bright Red
Sweet, creamy, and fun! Profile: Cake, Vanilla, Almond, Cocoa Water Color: Pastel Pink Features: Donut Shape
The ultimate bumble bee bubble bath with a floral honey scent. Because... why not?! Profile: Honey, Honeysuckle. Water Color: Deep Purple Features: LOTS OF BUBBLES!
Floral and slightly fruity, feminine and fresh. Profile: Cherry Blossom, White Floral notes, Red Cherry, Almond Water Color: Pastel Red
Herbal, fresh, and energizing. Profile: Bamboo, Mint, Lily, Sandalwood Water Color: Blue-Green
Creamy, Sweet, Spiced scent. Profile: Black Tea, Chai Spice, Vanilla Water Color: Cream
Floral, Energizing, Clean. Profile: Pink Rose, Orange Zest, Lily Water Color: Rose Pink Features: Pink Himalayan Salt, Added Glitter
Herbal, Fresh, Floral. Profile: Green Tea, Cucumber, Cherry Blossom Water Color: Bright Green