Meet the Street Cherubs~

      Welcome to my lil' page all about my characters. Are they for an upcoming webcomic idea? A video game? Animated stuff? I don't know yet. But for now I'm having a lot of fun making them~.

mica website.png


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Favorite Thing: Donuts

A boy who dreams of flying away from his boring life. He spends all of his time shut inside playing video games and watching anime. Weirdly obsessed with an angel-wing aesthetic.



Species: Doneko
Gender: Male
Favorite Thing: Mica

A nameless donut cat from outer space! While most doneko are mischievous and tricky, this one seems rather nice. He's been sent from his home planet on a special mission... but what could that be?


Species: Demon
Gender: Female
Favorite Thing: Herself

The most popular street fashion model in the Underworld. She has millions of followers on Ghoulstagram. She should be causing mischief on humans but she's too busy taking selfies.


Species: Eyebat
Gender: Female
Favorite Thing: Mori

Mori's pet eyebat. The only thing Mori cares about besides herself. Lili loves to pull pranks on people who don't like her owner... watch out!

Princess Karime

Species: Human
Gender: Female
Favorite Thing: Snowboarding

The Princess of the Ice Creamdom. She loves snowboarding just as much as she loves dressing up in new outfits. The nicest princess you'd ever meet, all the boys and girls in the Ice Creamdom look up to her.



Species: Bear
Gender: Female
Favorite Thing: The Ice Creamdom

The royal family of the Ice Creamdom have lots of assistants, all little bears made of ice cream! Aisu is Princess Karime's personal assistant and goes wherever she goes.

Avi and Cera

Species: Cherry Fairy
Gender: Male and Female
Favorite Thing: Cherries

Every Spring, Avi and Cera fly around; making cherry blossoms bloom and turning cherries into their bird pals, the Cherakeets.


A bird who used to be a regular cherry until magic from a cherry fairy brought it to life!

hani and gumballbee.png

Queen Hani

Species: Bubble Gum Fairy
Gender: Female
Favorite Thing: Honey

No one knows why, but this young girl has made it her life mission to collect gumballs and use magic to bring them to life??? She has declared herself: The Queen of the Gumball Bees. 

Gumball Bees

Gumballs transformed into bees from Hani's magic. They collect honey just like regular bees and make their hives inside gumball machines.



Species: Human
Gender: Male
Favorite Thing: Rollerblading

Mica's neighbor and childhood friend. He is super smart, and works after school at a candy store. He adopted his dog Pomerandy because his favorite food is cotton candy.



Species: Cotton Candy Pomeranian
Gender: Male
Favorite Thing: Taking Walks

A Pomeranian puppy made of cotton candy~ he loves going on walks with Connor, but he can't go out when it rains or else he'll get all mushy...


Species: Human?
Gender: Female
Favorite Thing: Performing

A famous popstar known for her popcorn themed performances! People rumor she is a Popcorn Fairy but she swears she just loves popcorn! Before being a popstar she used to live on a farm~



Species: Ram?
Gender: Female
Favorite Thing: Butter

She has the fluffiest popcorn body ever, but nobody wants to pet her because shes all covered in that sticky movie theater butter. She goes on stage with Margarie during her concerts.