Meet the Street Cherubs~

mica website.png


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Favorite Thing: Collecting FIGs

A boy who dreams of flying away from his boring life in New Angel City. He spends his time shut inside playing video games and watching anime. He collects FIGs, a popular action figure line, and writes reviews of each one on his blog. Now with Doneko he has a secret double life as a superhero known as The Magical Boy.



Species: Doneko
Gender: Male
Favorite Thing: Spreading Joy

A donut cat from outer space! Doneko travel the galaxies to spread happiness and joy to others. He landed in Mica's yard after noticing how lonely he was. Doneko has given Mica magical powers to transform into "The Magical Boy" so that he may help and protect others.




Species: Demon
Gender: Female
Favorite Thing: Notifications

The most popular celebrity of the Underworld known for her fashion and pop music; she has millions of followers on Ghoulstagram. Her father is the President of the Underworld and is always telling her to cause mischief on humans… but she’s too busy taking selfies.


Species: Demonberry
Gender: Female
Favorite Thing: Mori

The Demonberries are grown as pets by the demons of the Underworld. They love to pull pranks on humans and cause them bad luck! Lili is Mori's favorite of all of her demonberries, and the only thing Mori cares about besides herself.


Princess Karime

Species: Human
Gender: Female
Favorite Thing: Snowboarding

The Princess of the Ice Creamdom. She loves snowboarding and extreme sports just as much as she loves dressing up in new outfits. She is known for her gentle, kind personality and is admired by all the citizens of the Ice Creamdom.



Species: Ice Cream Bear
Gender: Female
Favorite Thing: The Ice Creamdom

The royal family of the Ice Creamdom have lots of assistants, all little bears made of magic ice cream! Aisu is Princess Karime's personal assistant and goes wherever she goes.


Avi and Cera

Species: Cherry Fairy
Gender: Male and Female
Favorite Thing: Cherries

Cherry Fairy twins who live in and maintain the Sakura Gardens park in New Angel City. Every Spring, Avi and Cera fly around, making cherry blossoms bloom and turning cherries into their bird pals: the Cherakeets. Their magic is twice as strong when their stems are connected.


A bird who used to be a regular cherry until magic from a cherry fairy brought it to life!


hani and gumballbee.png

Queen Hani

Species: Bubble Gum Fairy
Gender: Female
Favorite Thing: Science

The Self-Declared Queen of the Gumball Bees. She moved away from the Fairy Forest to live her dream as a scientist in New Angel City. She is bossy, bratty, and always gets her way. Despite this she has proven herself as a genius rocket scientist and robotics expert, creating the H.I.V.E. Space Shuttle with her gumball bees. She spends her days studying the galaxies and building new machines.

Gumball Bees

Gumballs transformed into bees from Hani's magic. They live in the H.I.V.E. Space Shuttle and work on Queen Hani's latest rockets and robots. In their spare time they travel space with Hani on fun adventures. 




Species: Human
Gender: Male
Favorite Thing: Rollerblading

Mica's neighbor and childhood friend. He lives with his grandfather who owns a candy shop. He loves animals, especially dogs, and is very good at teaching them new tricks. He is shy around others and is most often seen rollerblading with Pomerandy.



Species: Cotton Candy Pomeranian
Gender: Male
Favorite Thing: Taking Walks

A Pomeranian puppy made of cotton candy~ he loves going on walks with Connor, but he can't go out when it rains or else he'll get all mushy... Connor has trained him to be very friendly to others and obedient as well. A 10/10 bestest boy.



Species: Human?
Gender: Female
Favorite Thing: Performing

A famous popstar known for her popcorn themed performances! People rumor she is a Popcorn Fairy but she swears she just loves popcorn! Before being a popstar she used to live on a farm.



Species: Ram
Gender: Female
Favorite Thing: Butter

She has the fluffiest popcorn body ever, but nobody wants to pet her because shes all covered in that sticky movie theater butter. She goes on stage with Margarie during her concerts.


kaguya transp.png


Species: Alien
Gender: Female
Favorite Thing: Gardening

Princess of the Moon Kingdom. She keeps in close contact with humans through Hani’s Space Shuttle. When she visits Earth, her favorite hobby is studying the various plant life and taking her favorites back to her conservatory on the moon.

luna transp.png


Species: Moon Bunny
Gender: Female
Favorite Thing: Carrots

One of many of Kaguya's moon bunny friends. She is Kaguya's personal assistant and goes with her everywhere. Luna loves to travel to Earth with Kaguya, mainly because she loves to snack on lots of Earth's vegetables. Carrots are her favorite!

musashi final art lowres.png


Species: Alien
Gender: Male
Favorite Thing: Swords

A resident of the Moon Kingdom. He is known throughout the city as a master swordsman and is always performing staged fights with his friends on the street. He has a tough, cool-guy attitude to his exterior but deep down he has a sensitive side that appreciates jewelry and hologram tattoo art.


meiyu transbg.png


Species: Merfolk
Gender: Female
Favorite Thing: Magic

A mermaid who lives within Peach Beach. She is often found on the shore, performing an enchanting song that makes anyone within hearing become enamored by her. For this reason, many people travel to Peach Beach to hear her famous song. She uses her mermaid magic to transform inanimate objects, filling Peach Beach with precious marine life. 

momo transp.png


Species: Peach Jellyfish
Gender: Male
Favorite Thing: Ron the Crab

A jellyfish created from a peach using Meiyu’s mermaid magic. He loves to swim along with his friends in the ocean. He gets very excited when Ron the Crab and Macie visits the beach.


tara high res.png


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Favorite Thing: The Soda Princess

A powerful knight for The Soda Kingdom. She has fought countless battles against the Cola Crusaders. She has become the bodyguard of the Soda Princess, and has quite the crush on her. Through her time serving as the Princess's protector, the two have become very close.

tama ramune fish.jpg


Species: Marble Fish
Gender: Male
Favorite Thing: Peace and Quiet

Tara's pet fish who resides in her aquarium shoulder bag. Tama much prefers the quiet times at the castle than when Tara is fighting the Cola Crusaders. Compared to Tara he is quite easily afraid!

Ramona final art.png


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Favorite Thing: Ballroom Dancing

The Princess of the Soda Kingdom. Unlike the other princesses of the many kingdoms, Ramona is very shy and quite anxious around others, worried that she will not make a good ruler when she gets older. Years of wearing her glass dress filled with soda has left her surprisingly strong. Not many people know her true self except for her bodyguard Tara.




Species: Human
Gender: Female
Favorite Thing: Baking

A young girl who runs a macaron shop on the shore of Peach Beach. It has become a favorite spot for all the tourists at the beach, keeping Macie always busy with lots of customers. Upon hearing of how busy Macie constantly was, Meiyu the Mermaid used her magic to create for her a personal assistant to run her shop: Ron the Crab.

ron transp.png


Species: Macaron Crab
Gender: Male
Favorite Thing: Macie

A crab created from one of Macie's macarons by Meiyu's magic. He is extremely protective of Macie and will pinch at any mean customers! He helps Macie run her bakery the best he can, although he'd much rather be on the beach. You could say Ron is one tough cookie~