Thanks so much for taking the time to go through my portfolio for this year's Katsucon! I sell a wide variety of items, original and fanart designs alike, including: Tshirts and other clothing items, zipper bags and jewelry items, 3d printed figurines, art prints, acrylic charms, handmade lip balms, and button pins!

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Previous Katsucon AA Attendance: 2015, 2017

Image right: Table display from Ohayocon, January 2016.
Image top: 2-Table display from Tekko, April 2016.


3D Printed Figurines and Props

All items are original characters and designs


Street Cherub Apparel Line

My apparel line was successfully funded on Kickstarter in August 2015! click here

mori sweatshirt phonestuff.jpg

"Mori - Internet Queen" Sweater

tara sweater preview.jpg
sleeves tara.jpg

"Tara - Vaporwave Soda" Sweater

"Precious Tech" Front

"Mischievous Tech" Front

"Precious Tech" Back

"Mischievous Tech" Back

"Anime Trash"

"Magical Girl On Call"

"Kawaii Galaxy"




white unicorn pins.gif
3d mica.png
controller angel.png
3DonutS angel.png
controller devil.png
pomerandy glitter.png
doneko glitter.png

Enamel Pins

pinback photo.jpg

Zipper Bag (more examples below)

Rose Gold Acrylic Collar Pins made with real Rose Gold

Handmade Flavored Lip-Balms

lip balms.png

Acrylic Phone Charms


Original Artwork Poster Prints and Books